By José Manuel Tudela

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Recuerdos que ya sois sombras,
no os apartéis de mí,
que recuerdo que se borra
es que perdió el existir.

Yo quiero guardarlos todos
a la luz de mi memoria,
que aquel que borra recuerdos
es como un ser sin historia.

(Concha Méndez)

Terciopelo is the essence of experience, his memories, his gaze and his sensations, all of which keeps us awake and hopeful; love.

The music from his show throbs with his feelings Arabic and Jewish music run through your heart; oh so many lovely things are transmitted by this music, the sounds and the voices of his songs.

Part of his life is linked to this culture; so, it too had to be part of this work that is one with his soul, his career since childhood as is the case of Terciopelo.

The work is dedicated to his beloved El Cerro de Águila neighborhood, to his nieces Nadia and Laila, to his friend Pepa, to his god-daughter Isabel, to his close friend Calderon and his wife Inmaculada.

Terciopelo is a show that is based on the music of a record composed by José Manuel Tudela.

Staged in a historic venue—in an attic—it becomes the dwelling of dreams and memories, with simple design where almost forgotten objects are covered with sheets that are removed one by one.

Two guitars, two singers, a percussionist, a violinist, a dancer in a two-step performance for the guijiras Bella en la Noche (Bella at Night), Mi niña Isabel (My daughter Isabel) and the alegrias for Bienmesabe.

Susi González “La Bronce”